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Landscape Design and Installation Services in Pittsburgh, PA

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Hire the best and most skilled landscape designer for your outdoor makeover!

We are a full-service landscape design company. We offer a range of services that can transform your outdoor space into your dream yard. Here are some general services we offer:

    Landscape Design: Landscape Design Pittsburgh are experts in taking your vision and goals for your yard into reality. We analyze all factors such as size, shape, terrain, and local laws as we design and implement your outdoor space. Landscape design is both an art and science that requires a diverse set of skills. Our team can ensure every step in the project is done by the most competent and experienced professional.

      Site Analysis: This is arguably the most important step for every project. Thorough assessment must be made on the topography, soil, and drainage of your property. Potential challenges and limitations must be identified in order to develop a well-functioning outdoor space. If this step is not done correctly, your entire project may fail or bigger and more expensive problems may arise later down the line. These issues include poor drainage, environmental damage, and misplacement of hardscape elements.

        Hardscaping: Patios, walkways, paved driveways, pergolas, firepits, and retaining walls are all some of the features we have designed and built numerous times. A well-designed hardscape can usher more functionality and charm to your outdoors, while simultaneously offering an efficient solution to erosion and drainage problems. We typically use stone, pavers, brick, and concrete for hardscaping, but we are also open to other materials you prefer. Bringing these pieces to your property is our speciality. You can be assured that we are the best team to handle your hardscaping projects.

          Water Features: Some owners want to incorporate fountains, streams, waterfalls, and ponds on their property. These features can bring tranquility and therapeutic vibes that can be enjoyed by anyone visiting the property. Depending on your landscape, water features can promote a sustainable environment that can attract non-problematic wildlife such as birds. When installing these additions, one important thing to consider is the maintenance. However, owners will typically find the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience of having to maintain these features.

            Wooden pergola with see through top


            Hire the best pergola builders in Pittsburgh to add extra charm and functionality to your outdoor space!

            Stainless steel grill in an outdoor kitchen

            Outdoor Kitchen

            Let our team help you design and install the perfect outdoor kitchen where you can show off culinary skills to your guests.

            Patio with paver stones surrounded by a small garden

            Patio Design & Installation

            Hire the best patio contractor in Pittsburgh to enhance your front or backyard with elegant stones such as pavers or concrete

            Modern fire pit on patio

            Fireplace and fire pits

            Choose from a variety of styles for an outdoor fireplace or fire pit and let us handle the rest.