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Explore the many reasons to build a patio for your outdoor space

If you want to bring more glamor to your outdoors, a patio is one of the best investments you can make. It gives a coherent, smooth transition from your door to the yard. This is the spot where your family and friends can relax and spend time together. It can be decorated with furniture, lighting, plants, weather-resistant rugs, outdoor kitchens, and much more. There is a lot of room for creativity when it comes to building out your perfect patio.

Patios are extremely durable and can endure all the weather elements we get here in Pittsburgh including rain, snow, and the heat. The material used will determine how long the patio can last. It does require consistent cleaning and sealing, but with continuous maintenance, a properly built patio can last for many decades. You can view patios as the courtyard of your home that can make your home stand out.

Without question, patios will increase the value of your home. Therefore, it is almost always a great investment. It is not just about the curb appeal, but functionality. It extends the usable space for your property. As stated previously, there are many additions you can add on to the patio to further improve your outdoor space.

    Pittsburgh Patio

    How does Landscape Design Pittsburgh help you build a flawless patio?

    We start all projects with a free consultation. During this stage, our landscape designers will analyze the space you are looking to improve. We assess the size, topography, and your personal goals and preferences. City laws must also be checked to determine if what you are wanting is allowed. Then we will discuss the budget and timeline. Afterwards, we will go over the materials and make our recommendations. Once all these decisions are made, we will manage the entire project through the construction phase. Performing all these tasks can be extremely overwhelming, which is why we exist as a company. Landscape Design Pittsburgh has been helping homeowners build out patios for over 20 years.

      Types of patios?

      Patios come in all types of styles. All of them have their advantages, so it is important to understand them. Here are some of the most popular styles that we have provided to our customers:

      • Concrete patio: Concrete patios are strong, affordable, and very low maintenance. While they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option, concrete patios can provide the best bang for your buck with its durability.
      • Paver patios: pavers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. They can be laid out in interlocking fashion. Pavers are highly customizable which makes them a popular choice. And similar to concrete, they are also low-maintenance and can withstand harsh weather.
      • Stamped Concrete Patios: Stamped concrete is also called decorative concrete. It involves pouring concrete as the foundation and then applying a pattern or texture on the surface using special tools. Stamped concrete can be considered a cheaper alternative to pavers.
      • Tile Patios: If you are after the modern look, tile patios can be a great option. We typically use ceramic, porcelain, and glass to really make these patios stand out. However, this is a more expensive option so be sure to discuss with us on how this fits in your budget.
      • Wood Patios: Wooden patios can add warmth and natural look to your outdoors. They are also an affordable option that fits into most budgets. But a big downside is maintenance. Wooden patios are prone to weather damage as well as pests.
      Partial wooden pergola over Adirondack chairs

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