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What is the hype about outdoor kitchens?

Outdoor kitchens have been a growing trend and there are no signs indicating that they will slow. They provide a unique and delightful way to entertain guests. You can use this space to cook and serve food fresh from the grill. Outdoor kitchens are the perfect setting for a social event and a wonderful way to make memories with visitors. Aside from the social benefits, outdoor kitchens can boost curb appeal and, as a result, the home value. It can be a fantastic return on investment especially if you are the type of person that enjoys hosting parties and cooking. If you live in a home with small square footage, but a larger backyard, it is absolutely a great idea to build out an outdoor kitchen. It will serve as an extension for the home.

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    Are outdoor kitchens worth the investment for my property?

    Outdoor kitchens provide many benefits that will enhance your backyard. While not cheap, it can prove to be an investment that is worth every dollar. Best of all, outdoor kitchens can last decades if kept in good condition. Here are some advantages to consider:

    • Entertainment: Without question, outdoor kitchens set the stage for ongoing enjoyment and relaxation. Serve delicious food and beverages right from the kitchen. This can be the central entertainment point in your yard.
    • Home Extension: Although an outdoor kitchen may not provide extra living space inside your home, it still serves as an extension. It is another location where you can dine, relax, host friends, and enjoy yourself.
    • Cooking heat and smell: Doing heavy cooking indoors not only contributes to higher temperatures, but it can stink up the house with all the smoke. Doing your cooking outdoors will lower your cooling bills and keep your indoor kitchen spotless.
    • Home Value: Because of all the value outdoor kitchens bring to the house, the value will be impacted as well. According to HouseDigest, your investment can return as much as 100% to 200% return on investment.

    What are some things to consider before building an outdoor kitchen?

    Designing and building an outdoor kitchen is no small task. There are several key considerations to have. Here are a few of them:

    • Budget: Costs can range from a few thousands to tens of thousands depending on how much customization you want to add. Consult with our team to get an accurate quote.
    • Materials: Pittsburgh has four distinct seasons and each brings a different set of challenges. Choosing the right materials for our climate is crucial in building a durable and long-lasting kitchen.
    • Appliances: You do not necessarily need to build in every common kitchen component such as refrigerator, sink, cabinets, grill, etc. You choose what you want, and our pros will help you incorporate them into the design.
    • Permits: Your city will likely have some requirements for your outdoor kitchen. We make sure that our design complies with all the local regulations.
    • Space: Unfortunately, the amount of space is not something you can change. But do not worry, we have worked with all types of landscapes and will deliver the best designs for you.
    • Terrain: If your home sits on a sloped landscape, then there will be some additional challenges. We may need to excavate the land to create level foundation and incorporate retaining walls to really make the setting pop.
    • Utilities: Sinks will require some plumbing work. Depending on the type of grill you use, we may need to hook up other utilities. Lighting will also need to be installed for it to be usable during darker hours. Utilities can get complex, but Landscape Design Pittsburgh has enough experience to handle it for you.
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