Pergolas are always worth the investment.

Wooden pergola over a jacuzzi

What exactly is a pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor structure that is built with at least four supporting posts and topped with beams or rafters across the top. The top is typically left partially open which allows light through. It provides shade and some shelter. The main benefit of a pergola is that it provides a shaded, relaxing area for the homeowner and their guests to enjoy. It offers an aesthetic appeal and a wonderful place for people to sit, entertain, and eat.

Summer in Pittsburgh can get quite hot and humid. And if you are hosting guests in your yard, you will want to provide some shade. Instead of throwing up cheap looking tents and canopies, install a beautiful looking pergola that everyone can enjoy. It will not only impress your guests, but increase your property value.

Pergolas come in many different styles. The most common choice is a traditional wooden pergola. However, if you are going for a modern look, you may want to consider a metal pergola. If that is out of your price range, we can also look into applying different colors to fit into your landscape. Making the right choice on pergola can be a daunting task, so be sure to consult with one of your pros to assist you!

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    How do I know if it makes sense for me to build a pergola?

    The decision to build a pergola starts first with your personal preferences. Do you think you will fully enjoy the benefits that come with pergolas? Does it fit with the theme of your outdoor space? The limitations of your outdoors is also a crucial decision factor. Pergolas are easier to build where there is flat terrain. It can certainly help if there is already an existing deck or patio. A common problem we run into is that the outdoor space has an odd shape or simply does not have enough space. Landscape Design Pittsburgh will help you assess your yard and help you determine the feasibility of installing a pergola.

      How much does it cost to design and install a pergola?

      This is a loaded question that will depend on many different elements. To accurately estimate the cost of a pergola, you need to consider the size, materials, labor, and finishes.

      • Size: Obviously, the bigger the pergola, the higher the costs. According to Manta, pergola construction costs can be as low as $1,100 and as high as $7,000. The only way is to get a professional estimate, which can be provided by our team.
      • Materials: Popular materials include wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Costs of materials can fluctuate so it is best to reach out to our team to get an updated price for these options.
      • Labor: Cost of labor has been on a rise in recent years. With the current labor shortage, you can expect these costs to continue to increase. Therefore, if you have made your decision to build a pergola, now is the best time!

      Downsides of building a pergola for your backyard

      With all the beauty and functional benefits, there are some downsides to consider. Here are few downsides that comes with adding a pergola to your outdoors:

      • Cost: Nothing so good comes for cheap. Pergolas require a big investment regardless of the size. Sometimes costs can be reduced by opting for a smaller project and choosing more affordable materials. Consult with our team for what may be feasible with your budget.
      • Lack of privacy: depending on where you build your pergola, there may not be much privacy because of how open it is. If privacy is your preference, then you must understand that strangers from the outside can see right through the pergola. If you currently have fences that already provide privacy, then this will not be a huge concern.
      • Maintenance: Pergolas are no small project and you will want the best return on investment. So keeping it in good condition will be important. Expect to perform maintenance on a consistent basis. Paint may wear down, wood may chip, and additional staining may be needed. Pests such as termites can also damage the structure. Tree leaves and branches may fall on top and will need to be cleared. If your budget allows, hiring an ongoing maintenance crew can relieve you of these duties.
      • Weather exposure: Pergolas are open at the top and sides. While it can be nice to have sunlight pass through, it is less pleasant when it rains, snow, or hails. Even when the weather is clear, if there are strong winds, there will be no protection against it. In general, it may not be a suitable place to spend time during the winter months.
      Partial wooden pergola over Adirondack chairs

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